Make an original white wall by mixing sizes and maximise sealing properties with the Waterproof Slide system

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Réf. 74655096


Attitude cladding allows you to mix various sized slates for a contemporary geometric look that is set off perfectly by the chamfered edges between the slates. Slates are assembled easily using connection brackets that facilitate the juxtaposition of the slates. For a totally sealed effect in wet conditions, even in the shower, the waterproof strip 'Waterproof Slide' is suggested for use on the 0.375 m width.

Technical details

Freedom of installation: different widths can be installed on the same wall to customise the interior with a classical or original layout
Joinable slates (installation brackets included): allows them to be fitted together both by length and width
Economic: avoid offcuts
Lightweight, easy to transport
Optional Waterproof slid"Element” range, with > Comes in: 1.20 m x 0.375 m
Interlocking style, subtle chamfer
Clip-end finishing sections, various
Attach with glue or adhesive, nails or staples
Easy to maintain
5-year warranty


Decoration smooth
Range Element
Destination interior wall
Type alveolar blade
Product advantages 100% waterproof
Trend Monochrome
Size 260 cm x 37,5 cm
Normes feu M1
Normes feu Européennes C-s3,d0 (DVG)


Presentation : Element Cladding

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