Order, classify, arrange… When storage becomes a real pleasure… The Modul'up concept, made up of ladders and trays, easily adapts to all the room configurations you want to reorganize. Going over your door, or your washing machine, or below an element is by no means a difficulty for this module. Indeed, these small scales, which fit together and which cut very easily, allow you to store your things at the height you want. The trays, available in 2 sizes, which can also be easily cut, are placed and fixed as you see fit. Simple sliders block them on each side for guaranteed stability. This storage shelf, in addition to its ease of installation and its ultra-practical side, offers great resistance to the weight per tray for the installation of heavy products.

Technical details

PVC shelf

  •     High load resistance, varying according to the spacing of the scales: 130 kg per tray if the space between 2 scales is 80 cm.
        70 kg per tray if it is 100 cm, 40 kg per tray if it is 130 cm
  •     Modul'Up is adjustable in height by nesting ladders and in width thanks to the 2 available shelf dimensions.
  •     Ladders can be cut very easily with a hacksaw if necessary
  •     Color: blue scale with red cursors
  •     Tool-free assembly: easy to assemble and disassemble
  •     Wall clip supplied with each ladder. Fasteners must be installed asymmetrically.
  •     Patented spoke locking system (sliders).
  •     Dimension of a scale: L 45 cm x H 85 cm x D 4.95 cm
  •     3 year warranty

    - Complete your module with the Modul'Up trays of 107 cm or 230 cm