Quality and robustness are key words for these shelves, which are capable of withstanding heavy loads without sagging

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Maxim’up shelf 110 cm
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The MAXIMUP range has been designed for all those who need to store heavy products safely. With its supplied ring wall fixings, you can ensure the stability of your storage items even more

Technical details

• 5 levels, 2 of which are adjustable in height
• 5 storage containers and 5 tool holders
• 2 wall fixing rings provide stability and security
• Lightweight and easy to manipulate
• Resistant to moisture and mildew
• Easy to assemble, install and clean
• Rot-proof

Maximup 140 cm (H175 x L140 x D40 - working load of 70 kg/level)


Dimensions 140 cm de large
Weight resistance From 60 kg to 70 kg