Kit d'ancrage inclus

Real small garden houses, the five Deco sheds are aesthetically pleasing and harmonise perfectly with your garden. Economic, they do not require any maintenance. They don’t need to be finished, stained, or painted. Simply washing them down with water is sufficient. Environmentally-friendly No treatment is required and they are 99% recyclable. Resistant to the cold, heat and weathering.

Technical details

  • Overall dimensions 2.95 x 2.61 m
  • Exterior dimensions 2.42 x 2.02 m
  • Exterior surface 4.9 m²
  • 4.5 m² useful area
  • Thickness of walls 26 mm
  • Height of walls 1.88 m
  • Height of roof capping 2.364 m
  • Framed PVC roofing tiles
  • Roof pitch: 20° – 36%
  • Colour of roof: grey-green
  • 2 glass doors: 0.72 x 1.80 m
  • 2 frames of glass for door: L 0.562 m x H 0.595 m
  • 1 mounting kit included (6 panels of 56 cm)
  • Type of lock: handle with key lock
  • Estimated net weight 160 kg
  • Concrete slab not obligatory Can be built on gravel slabs or in concrete on angled sites
  • PVC and metal window materials
  • Metal parts: metal frame, metal roof reinforcements in the roof blades, triangle of roof reinforced with metal, handle, hinges and fasteners to the ground
  • 10 years warranty