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Why opt for a Grosfillex PVC garden shed?

You will never see garden sheds in the same way!




Many designs are possible thanks to PVC, which enables garden sheds to integrate perfectly into the green spaces around your house with their harmonious shapes and colours.



Easy cleaning is a major asset for resin sheds as they can be washed simply using water.


Easy to assemble

Assembly requires few tools and the strips fit together easily.


Environmentally friendly

Our sheds are dyed in the mass and rotproof, which means they require no tint, paint or fungicide; they are not prone to resin drip, cracks, or moisture. As they are 99% recyclable they are very environmentally-friendly.

More importantly they are…


Made in France

Resistant to UV and to bad weather our garden sheds are designed to last. They are manufactured  100% in France and come with a 10-year warranty.