Why choose a small-size garden shed?

Find a storage solution outside without invading your green space? A small garden shed is ideal for meeting a growing need in many homes.

Organise your garden and reduce clutter

Whether you live in a rural or urban environment, a garden shed is essential to store the DIY tools and other items that otherwise clutter up your home or garage, including the bicycles for all your family.

It is important to consider the size of your garden shed, taking into account its intended uses and how you will arrange and optimize the available space.

What are the important criteria when choosing a garden shed?

If you live in town and have a small garden that requires frequent attention, tools such as a fork, rake, pick and such can turn it into a corner of paradise. The size of your garden shed is one of the first things you need to consider.

You can trace the outline on the ground or, even better, use our clever 3D app that uses augmented reality to integrate virtually your PVC shed to the correct dimensions exactly where you want it in your garden.

Grosfillex had designed small-size PVC garden sheds to compensate the lack of storage space without encroaching on your garden. Six models of garden sheds, all under 5 sqm, are available to suit your needs and style.

Another important point for your garden shed is choosing the right material. Wood, metal or PVC: this is an essential consideration that will impact durability and maintenance.

  • Wooden garden shed = requires maintenance
  • Metal garden shed = not ideal in warm weather
  • PVC garden shed = stylish and maintenance-free

What are the advantages of a small-size garden shed?

  • Surface area: reduced size means it will easily fit in your garden
  • Assembly: smaller size means less time to install
  • Cost: a small garden shed is more accessible in terms of budget
  • Base: a small-size damp-proof base is quicker and less expensive to create.

How to optimise storage space in a small garden shed?

Organising the available space to store as many items as possible to unclutter your home or garage, or turn it into a small workshop or gardening shed requires clever solutions.

What accessories are available? The small garden shed should be fitted with wall hooks for hanging as many tools as possible to optimise vertical storage space.
PVC shelf racks are also ideal as they to rotproof and rustproof and can withstand weights of up to 90 kg per shelf. If you want to transform your small garden shed into a gardening workshop you can use old wooden consoles to place your flower pots at the ideal working height as a complement to the shelves. This also works for a small DIY workshop shed!