This afternoon, go gardening with Lily !

Creating a garden space really is child’s play


Lily, a perfect little girl

A perfect little girl, Lily loves everything that her mum, Corinne does. Dresses, high heels, pink and…gardening. Why gardening ? Because everything to do with it is soft, colourful and fun: the fragrance of the flowers caresses your nose, the butterflies have all been invited along to the party, and every day you can see the plants getting bigger and bigger… In their south-facing apartment, mother and daughter have decided to turn their balcony into a vegetable corner. Space is limited, but this little blonde lady can already imagine going and picking what they’ve grown… How can you resist the urge to have some fun ?



Choose what to plant

Lily is well aware that whatever she plants today will turn into tomorrow’s dinner. After a few seconds of thought, she’s decided. It’s going to be radishes, peas and… wild strawberries! Her mum lets her have her own way… But they’re right about the strawberries, the garden might as well grow some delicacies.



Find the right containers

First of all, you need to decide on the colour: pink of course, then green, orange… Lily loves everything that is tangy! It’s Corinne who sorts out the “practical” side of things! A round garden, with planters set on the balcony and most importantly, containers that are deep enough to allow a good harvest.



Choose the right place and then get planting

This is where we take a look at the gardening books… Following her mum’s instructions, Lily puts her hands into the soil. Pure happiness! They put seeds 5 cm under the soil for one of the varieties, and 2 cm underneath for the other… Everything is ready. Now, it’s time to put them in their place. Peas and radishes should be placed in partial shade, so the containers will go near the bay window. On the other hand, wild strawberries need as much sun as they can get, so they face the railings.



Tasting time

Some time has elapsed since the gardening session and Lily is so excited… For sure, the peas and strawberries need several weeks before they can be harvested, but for the radishes, Corinne chose an early variety: 18 days. And that’s it, they are there! The first ones to be picked… They’re so crisp and just delightful !