Optimise your storage space to enjoy more living space

A great New Year’s resolution for 2021: Rearrange your rooms by decluttering and sorting your things thanks to storage shelves.

Storage solutions for your laundry room

The laundry room is often cluttered with piles of linen, clothes, cleaning products, ironing board, shoes, boxes, bags, and crates. Difficult to find enough space to feel comfortable in this room, which is often not very large.

An easy, simple, and efficient solution: make the most of vertical storage to free up floor space with the Essential shelving unit!

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étagère rangement
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This shelving unit is sure to please with its black colour that stands out from typical utility shelves. The Essential shelving unit is made of 74% recycled material and is itself 100% recyclable, enough to convince even the most reluctant to the use of PVC.

This unit has many advantages including :

  • The raw materials confer rotproof properties, making it suited to use in wet rooms such as bathrooms and laundry rooms
  • Easy to clean using a plain sponge and water
  • Easy to assemble and easy to move
  • Easy access under the shelves to clean and vacuum  
  • You can create shelving for a whole wall by interlocking individual shelves thanks to LS System (attachment hooks)
  • Stability thanks to 2 wall brackets

The ideal shelving unit for light loads (up to 70 kg per shelf)

Organising and optimising space in your garden shed

Tantas herramientas de jardinería, macetas o material de bricolaje por guardar, no siempre es sencillo organizar su caseta de jardín. Sin embargo, dispone de una solución con los estantes de ordenación WORKLINE o TAKE IT NOW SILVER.

The units let you make the most of the entire surface area of your garden shed thanks to shelves measuring from 90 cm to 135 cm in width and up to 175 cm in height depending on the range.
Lightweight and sturdy (up to 90 kg load per shelf) they are an easy solution for a tidy and well organised garden shed.

The shelving units can be combined to cover a whole wall. Simply store your cumbersome items on the shelves to reclaim space and light in your garden shed!

Declutter and organise your garage 

Bicycles, DIY tools, boxes, crates, oil cans, tyres, paint cans, metal parts… So many things are stored in a garage, taking up so much room that is it becomes necessary to reorganise the available space. The garage can be a damp place, so it is preferable to use shelving units that are both rustproof and rotproof.

PVC is an excellent material that offers many advantages, including for Grosfillex MAXIM’UP shelving units.