Maxim'Up shelves for maximum storage!


In the basement, garage, storeroom, etc., things tend to pile up. For your comic book collection or your tools it is important to choose a sturdy storage solution designed to support heavy loads. Wide, stable, and highly resistant Maxim’Up shelves have everything you need. Mission organization!


Organize, store and save place safely  

Lightweight and easy to handle, Maxim’Up shelves offer more than meets the eye. Indeed, each shelf can withstand loads between 70 and 120 kg (depending on the model: available in widths of 92, 110,140 or 170 cm). The shelves in this range also include a wall fixing system:
“Optimal in terms of solidity, we have also reinforced their stability. Regardless of what you put on them they will not budge a millimetre, that’s our guarantee!” Hubert Valette, Indoors Line Manager at Grosfillex.

In terms of flexibility, the intermediate shelves can be adjusted in height and width to support items of different sizes.

Also supplied: storage bins, hooks to suspend objects and hollow tips designed to fit tools.

A place for everything and everything in its right place.


Everything you need for a safe storage place!


Create and arrange your storage space very simply 

In addition to their optimal rigidity Maxim’Up shelves are very easy to set up. The support racks and shelves simply fit into one another, it’s as simple as that! If your need for storage space increases over the years, you can extend them and create a whole wall dedicated to storage. As for where you can install them, there are really no limits: laundry room, cellar, attic… the shelves are made of syndetic resin and are resistant to humidity. They are also very easy to clean using a plain cloth.

Yes, the key word is “SIMPLICITY”!