Mathilde and Yvan have decided to add an extra room... in their garden!

A garden shed turned into a games room



Mathilde and Yvan live in Cavalaire. The mezzanine in their home was initially used as a small lounge. Well, that was before! As they have two boys, a few years ago they had to give up on their TV-library space… Goodbye sofa, hello table soccer! In an attempt to reclaim their own, they had an idea: relocate the games room outside in a garden shed. The children could play there with their friends while Mum and Dad would enjoy some peace and quiet.


Choosing the right shed

After some research on the Internet, Mathilde and Yvan opted for a surface of 7.5 m², enough for the children to play around comfortably. What they’re looking for is something comfortable that will last over time. For Mathilde it is also important that the shed blends in with the natural environment of their garden. So, they set their choice on a shed made of resin with a natural oak look. It boasts the appearance, charm and warmth of wood, but requires no specific maintenance. It has windows to let in the light, a lock on the door to keep the children’s things safe… Perfect, it has everything they need!



Delivery and installation

The shed is delivered to the house on time. Mathilde and Yvan take it from the delivery men and carry it into the garden, next to the concrete slab they had made (as required for this model!). All they have to do is get to work, and fortunately there is no rain in sight. First step: fit the rails onto the slab. Armed with a drill, screwing machine, safety masks and gloves, the pair make good progress. Time to install the walls, the panels fit together easily, then the panels and ridge for the roof to complete the structure. After a day’s work, the shed has literally sprung up in the middle of the garden!



Arranging the shed

Time to put the finishing touches to the games room, and today everyone rolls up their sleeves! The boys use blu-tack to cover the walls with posters: Raoul ÇaRoule, Spider Man… They’re all there! Mathilde and Yvan set up some shelves here and there to fit the TV, console, board games, etc. They opted for modular shelves that can be adjusted in height and length and can be added on to. An ideal system as Christmas is getting close and it is easy to add additional elements. At the back of the room, poufs and a great Cars sofa find their rightful place. Only the central piece is missing: the table football. The children carry it from the house with their Dad. That’s it, all done! Great teamwork, time for a well-deserved game!