Decorative wall panels for your bathroom

Find great deco ideas for your bathroom with Grosfillex!

Grosfillex decorative wall panels represent the ideal product. Economical, 100% water-resistant, easy to install even on existing tiling: a DIY enthusiast’s dream!

Your bathroom is an important room, it’s where we start out and often finish the day.

Thanks to our selection of water-resistant décors Grosfillex offers many solutions to decorate your bathroom walls, including in the shower. Imitating tiling, slate and wood, the choice is yours.

Choosing the right wall decoration for your bathroom ?

Discover our suggestion of trendy decoration styles and ranges of PVC wall panels for your bathroom :

PVC wall panels for a Mineral atmosphere

Imitating tiling, decorative stone, slate, concrete or marble, Grosfillex proposes an extensive range of decorative options to create a trendy mineral atmosphere.

Wall and ceiling claddingElement 3D Bombay
Wall and ceiling cladding Element 3D Carreaux de Ciment

PVC wall panels boasting a trendy graphic design

Wall and ceiling cladding Element 3D Bricks

Associate different patterns: from cement tiles to mosaics. Give free rein to your creativity and play with the graphic designs and geometric patterns boasting lively colours to create a new dynamic decoration for your bathroom!

Wall and ceiling cladding Element 3D Puro
Wall and ceiling cladding Element 3D Métropolis

PVC wall panels for a White atmosphere

Classic, pure, luminous and so much more!

Some decorative wall panels may surprise you. Grosfillex White atmosphere decorative wall panels will clearly brighten up your bathroom for a luminous result.


PVC wall panels for a Wood atmosphere

Why not opt for a warm and cosy décor to renovate your bathroom with Grosfillex PVC decorative wall panels for a Wood atmosphere. Imitating the cosy colours and patterns of wood for your home and bathroom in particular.

Wall and ceiling cladding Element 3D Patchork
Wall and ceiling cladding Element 3D Solstice
Wall and ceiling cladding Element 3D Charme

For more information about Grosfillex PVC decorative wall panels:

Grosfillex guarantees that their PVC decorative panels are 100% in shower cabins. Read all about the technical specifications and water-resistance test.

For more information about Grosfillex decorative wall panels for the bathroom and other rooms in your home read the Ideas & Inspiration Book for wall and ceiling cladding.


To install PVC wall panels in your bathroom you can refer to our tutorials that illustrate the different steps required.