Gx wall: decorative panels that stick to your style!


Pick up the challenge and redecorate your indoor spaces in no time. Thanks to Gx Wall, a unique concept of self-adhesive wall panelling, it’s child’s play!  Easy to install for an astounding result !


Ready-to-install panels

Available as decorative self-adhesive panels, Gx Wall will easily cover tiling, old wall paper and paint, but also plasterboard, plaster and other materials thanks to extra powerful adhesive specifically designed for walls (instant setting and guaranteed to be long lasting!).

‘Each panel has a foam layer associated with the adhesive that compensates potential uneven patches on the wall. Thanks to adhesive overlap the exclusive installation system ensures perfect joining of the panels and limits dilatation’ explains Hubert Valette, Indoors Product Manager at Grosfillex. Cracks and asperities disappear with no preparation work required. For installation, forget complicated tools, you only need a ruler, cutter and metre. This will appeal to even the less experienced and holds the promise of refreshing your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathrooms without having to upset everything.


Individual styles ‘so chic’

With their elegant texture and grain the Urban Pine, Natural Oak and Alpine Larch models are really difficult to tell apart from real wood. They offer a refined and authentic atmosphere with grey or more natural colour tones. For an extra modern industrial style the Bright slate concrete decoration is also surprisingly realistic. The panels can be set vertically to confer an impression of height to the rooms, or horizontally to make them seem larger.

Following your inspiration you can cover all or only part of a wall to create great decorative effects !