Garden shed: how to keep it tidy?

Tips to make the most of it in summer and winter



Would you like a practical and functional garden shed? But thanks to the pickaxes, shovels, sanders and everything else, you never manage to de-clutter it? By choosing a shed and specially designed storage solutions or by getting into good habits, you will get there. These ideas will help you see how!


A shed to suit your needs

First, you have to work out the size of your shed:

  • less than 5 m² : storage of equipment and garden tools
  • from 7 to 12 m² : storage of garden furniture, bicycles, sports equipment, etc.
  • larger than 12 m² : option of creating a workshop or a new living space (office, lodge, etc.)

Note that for a garden shed that’s larger than 5m² , it’s imperative you lay down a concrete floor slab. Please also get in touch with your council to find out whether or not the installation of your shed requires permission in advance.


Outstanding organization

As a first step, get into the habit of putting your tools away after you’ve used them! To achieve this, decide upon a specific space for to each type of equipment: plan a corner for garden furniture and cushions, another for tools, gloves and boots and a final for compost, planters etc. And if you have trunks and chests, remember to label them so you’ll find them more easily.


Robust and clever storage

Some storage elements have been specifically designed to optimise your shed. Utility cabinets are particularly suited to the storage of your heavy products: pots of paints, coatings, etc. As for open shelves, they allow you house the tools you use most regularly. Remember to use the height as well – this is often overlooked but it provides valuable storage space. You can also use adjustable shelves about: change the width, height, attach them to each other and adapt them to any configuration. And finally, add in a few small storage extras, like some hooks. You can use these to hang your waterproofs and overalls on. In fact, anything that doesn’t need to be in the house!