Easy to install sliding door!


Today, optimizing every square metre of your home is essential. Sliding doors make it possible to separate rooms and save space at the same time.

They slides along the walls

By sliding along the walls DOOR IN BOX sliding doors ‘disappear’ when you open them. Moving between rooms becomes more fluid. You enjoy increased width to pass through the doors and more space to place your furniture.

Make the most of each corner of your home!


Maximum modularity

Door in box sliding doors are ideal to create new spaces in your home.

By replacing swinging doors with Grosfillex sliding doors you can change your interior spaces to suit your desires and enjoy a maximum of open space.

With a simple movement you can close or open them during the day according to your needs to create more or less privacy.


Grosfillex sliding doors are also very clever, practical and discrete to hide or close-off, storage spaces, bathrooms, studies etc.


Unique decorative effect

Door in box sliding doors combine aesthetics and originality. Their opening method is elegant and discrete. Their perfect finishing is ultrarealistic to the touch and turns them into a real decorative asset for your home. You can choose the decoration style to match the rest of your home, trendy concrete or timber. They adapt easily to all the rooms in the house.


Solid and lightweight!

Grosfillex sliding doors are available as kits.
They are easy to carry and assemble yourself.

Leave with your door under your arm
in a single package measuring no longer than 56 cm (rail included).

Grosfillex sliding doors are very simple to install and require no masonry.

GROSFILLEX quality is at the rendezvous. Our doors and our sliding rail system, solid and resistant are guaranteed for 5 years.