Choosing decorative wall panels for a bathroom ?

What better season than spring to redecorate your home? Grosfillex helps you choose the right decorative wall panels for your bathroom.

Spring is the ideal time of the year to start redecorating your home.

To help you decorate rooms that are exposed to humidity such as bathrooms in particular, Grosfillex has designed a new range of solid decorative wall panels that boast a mineral aspect:

GX WALL + range

These solid decorative wall panels are the best way to express your style. Spring is the ideal time of the year to give free reign to your creativity and Grosfillex brings you everything you need to carry out your projects.

GX WALL + represents a great alternative to traditional tiling without any of the hassle associated with the latter. The decorative wall panels offer many advantages:

– Decorative wall panels boasting a mineral aspect and touch (embossed surface)
– Requires no maintenance. Clean using white vinegar or plain detergent products
– Easy to install. Resizable using a cutter or jigsaw: adapts to all surfaces leaving a clean work space
– Lightweight and sturdy these new generation decorative wall panels require no joints or grouting thanks to a clever interlocking system
– The panels are compact and solid (non-alveolar). They are also waterproof and rot-proof

GX WALL+ panels measure 30 x 60 cm and can be installed directly onto existing tiling, plasterboard or support slats using glue or staples.

Thanks to your spring-inspired creativity the end result will be high-quality and realistic for your perfect bathroom. Thanks to our finishing profiles or using a simple silicone joint you can add a finishing touch to the corners, floor and under the bathtub.

With Grosfillex your renovation projects  come to life with each season of the year, but even more so in the spring just before the hot summer season.

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