A garden table for every use!

Tips to combine comfort, practicality and a great look



Classic, modern, round, square, large, small… There are so many models of garden tables. Depending on what outdoor space you have and the atmosphere you want to create, then you need to choose the right furniture. Whether it’s breakfast on a cosy balcony, or rustic family dining… Here is some information to help you.

Small spaces

Balcony or small terrace… The available space may be small, but that’s no reason to not enjoy an aperitif in the sun! For this situation, you could choose a small folding table. You can get ones that will seat 2, 4 or 6, depending on which sections you unfold. A round, pedestal-style table, is ideal for sitting around and enjoying a coffee and some good company. Whereas a square shape is best suited to eating around or working on. It is also more functional. It fits neatly into a corner or at an angle, making space available in a blink of the eye. When it comes to colours, go for bright colours; they make the place all the more welcoming.


Large spaces

Your garden is spacious and you have lots of freedom to create a place that’s dedicated to the pursuit of relaxation and hosting guests… To preserve the natural aspect of your outside space, then turn to neutral tones: beige, taupe, grey… In using these, there is also the advantage of them being able to adapt to all styles of garden. As for aspects of shape, a round or oval table inspires usability, facilitating exchanges and interaction between guests. Rectangular models offer more designer lines, and allow you to organise big get-togethers. When it comes to the latter, it’s better to have feet that are positioned at the ends of the table as they enable a larger seating area and greater comfort for all guests.