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Spacy extensible door
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These individual slats can be added to your Spacy folding door making it easy to adjust to the required size. Extend your folding doors with great precision from 84 cm to 1.42 m with one 1 leaf and up to 2.84 m with 2 leaves!

Technical details

  • Extension kit for Spacy folding door
  • Slat size: L14.5 cm x H 205 cm

Possible extension:

- 1-leaf door: 0,84 cm to 142 cm
- 2-leaf door: 168 cm to 284 cm

  • Guarantee 2 years


Type of door extension

Frequently Questions

FAQ extensible doors

We have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions about extensible or accordion doors. To help you arrange your interior space and give you plenty of ideas, get inspired with our FAQs on our doors, including a very useful step-by-step guide to properly assemble your product! Become unbeatable on folding doors with Grosfillex.