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The glazed Bhautika entrance door is the ideal solution for bringing light into the entrance of your house without sacrificing security, insulation or a great look! Glass panels are designed as real thermal barriers that are resistant to break-ins. New decors are made possible thanks to digital printing on the glass that uses chemical solvent-free inks that are UV-resistant guaranteeing excellent weathering, both inside and out. On sale exclusively at Grosfillex dealers.

Technical details

8 models of glazed doors to choose from
Excellent thermal insulation thanks to the combination of a28 mm double glazed panel (SP10, resistant to intrusion), on 75 mm sections with 5 insulation chambers and an aluminium sill with thermal break
Very sturdy thanks to the 4 hinges on the turntable, which is adjustable in 3 ways
Enhanced security thanks to the 5 point closing system supplemented by an anti-jemmy device
Glazing equipped according to the European standard EN356 (performance safety glazing)
Passage facilitated by the extra flat sill
Pleasant operating with self-closing handle  
Great choice of design and possibility of customisation
Plenty of contemporary white and anthracite decors
Optional: pull bar, knocker, choice of handles
Made-to-measure door



Double glazed 28 mm - Ug = 1.1 W/ m².K
Thermal insulation: 1.4 < Ud < 1.5 W / m².K depending on model (tax credit Ud < 1.7 W / m².K)
Aluminium sill at thermal break
4 adjustable 3D hinges
Anti-jemmy system
32 mm handle base
Fercomatic sash-bolt with automatic fastening Optional Secury sash-bolt with 4 rollers or catch
Security cylinder + property tab + reversible key and double disengagement
Water discharge 
Automatic drop seal


Material PVC
Range bhautika
Type de porte d'entrée vitrée
Couleurs et décors intérieurs blanc
color and outdoor decor blanc, gris anthracite


Les couleurs disponibles pour ce produit

Bhautika entry door with glazing