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Grosfillex is a family owned group of international standing. It has been located in Oyonnax, in France, at the heart of the Haut-Bugey region for 95 years.

The group developed its expertise in woodworking for 27 years before becoming the synthetic resin pioneer that it is today. Between the two World Wars the company was famous for its clothes pegs, egg cups, and tool handles.  Grosfillex has kept its demanding approach to quality from this period, and its passion for working with materials to make consumers’ everyday lives easier.

The company is the flagship and emblematic pioneer of the Oyonnax Plastic Valley. Since 1954, when Raymond Grosfillex decided to invest in this new material to revolutionize the everyday lives of French consumers, it has pursued its pioneering spirit, developing many innovative products using synthetic resin. 


Continuous innovation focused on materials and processes has made it possible for the teams to imagine products that are increasingly strong, but also smarter and more pleasant to the eye.

The company’s expertise has progressively extended to encompass many products that have become essentials: armchairs, chairs, tables, sling lounge chairs and deck chairs, shelves and cabinets, stadium seats, and also garden sheds, wall and ceiling panelling, doors and windows…

Faithful to its values and close the needs of its markets, today Grosfillex exports 50% of its production and is an emblematic leader in all its lines of products.


History: key dates

1927 - Creation of a woodworking factory by François, Auguste and Jean Grosfillex

1954 - First plastic injection                                                                       

1955 - First planter

1964 - First international branch

1980 - First PVC products

1981 - First 100% resin monobloc chair

1985 - Launch of extruded PVC Exapan wall panelling

1998 - Stade de France is fitted with stadium seats for the Word Football Cup

2005 - Launch of extruded PVC garden sheds

2011 - G-Lock window is awarded the Gold Medal for design at Batimat

2012 - First aluminium sections                                                                 

2014 - Creation of the first 2 by 2 stackable plant bins

2016 - Launch of an outdoor collection for high-end hotels

2017 - Launch of digital printing on the wall covering range

2018 - Creation of the premium Grosfillex Original range to discover on www.grosfillex-original.com

74963C54 Elt compact premium Cabane bleu