Installing an expandable sliding door?

Sliding doors  make it possible to separate rooms and save space in your home.

Installing a sliding door requires several steps as follows:

1.    Measure the dimensions of the opening on the existing frame

2.    Cut the top section of the panel to the desired height using a saw

3.    Fit the panels together by sliding them in, taking care to slide the rail on the hinge side

4.    Fix the rail on the door. Unclip/separate the rail into two parts and slide the U-shaped rail into the upper part of the door

5.    Fix the clips and screw the small clips onto the hinge side of the door frame upright 

6.    Fit the rails by screwing the receiving part to the closing side, and the second part of the upper rail (cut to size in step 2)

7.    Assemble the door. Prepare the preassemble door, clip it onto the upper rail and the rail on the hinge upright.

8.    Then simply fit the door know onto the door